Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

June 10, 2024

Board of Supervisors

Duncan Township

Call Meeting to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

Approve minutes May 13, 2024

Approve Treasurer’s reports.

Public Comment

Old Business:

Traffic Regulation Ordinance – test runs in hand. Letter sent to solicitor to advertise for August 5 at 6:00PM

Duddy/Wilson Property – letter sent to solicitor for update.

Short Term Rental Ordinance -ordinance updated for Duncan and forwarded to solicitor for review.

 Robert Janeski property – letter sent to solicitor updating.

Watkins/Hart violation

Bank Accounts – want to close out small CD at FCCB and combine with larger.

Clean up advertised in paper and Dollar Saver. Tires!


Sign Outside

Auditor Compensation

New Business:

Audit is complete.

Morris Ambulance requesting donation.

Building Permits name change


RTK Policy

Work Items: 


 Information:  Clean up and open house is scheduled for June 15

                          NIMS Training, July 9 6-9 PM, Tokishi Training Center

                          Tioga Bradford Equipment Show August 22, 9-1, Island Park

                          County Convention is October 3

Pay Bills

Need motion to adjourn meeting. ___________________________________________________________

WW Meeting                Minutes _____________       Treasurer’s report/Bills _________________

Discussion                                                                      Adjourn ____________________________