Meeting Agenda 12-11-2023

Meeting Agenda

December 11, 2023

Board of Supervisors

Duncan Township

Call Meeting to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

Approve minutes November 13, 2023

Approve Treasurer’s reports.

Public Comment

Old Business:

Traffic Regulation Ordinance – have received from solicitor.

Duddy property 

Joe Harts Trailer – court update

Budget – Millage rate .5687 – so advertised.

Short Term Rental Ordinance

End of Year meeting 12-22-2023 at 1PM

New Business:

Tioga County Response Plan and Resolution

Real Disposal

Agenda Changes

Transfer money to CD. (Suggest $25,000)

Building Permits

Money for water, $15000

New Agenda Items: (Not to be discussed until voted upon)

Work Items: 



Pay Bills

Need motion to adjourn meeting. ___________________________________________________________

WW Meeting                Minutes _____________       Treasurer’s report/Bills _________________

Discussion                                                                      Adjourn ____________________________