Water Authority

Annually the Water Authority is required to collect water samples from 5 properties in the Village to determine the amount of lead and copper in the Village’s drinking water.  The results are reported to the property owners and the DEP.

In February of 2016 the latest well, Well #3, came on line to replace Well #1 which was decommissioned in December 2016.  Well #2 remains active as a backup source.  The quality of the water from Well #3 has proven to be much better with less iron and requires less treatment than Well #1 and Well #2.
In 2016 the water line from Well #3 to the reservoir was successfully cleaned with a process called ice pigging to remove iron buildup from Well #2.
Operations at the reservoir building have been automated.
Fencing and lighting have been installed at the reservoir for security.  A backup generator has also been installed.  Future plans for the reservoir building include a wash station, a bathroom, a chemical work station.
The Board, working with the DEP, has completed a three year project to establish a two mile Source Water Protection Area around the wells and the spring to protect those sources of our drinking water from contamination.  Signs delineating the Source Water Protection Area have recently been placed on Antrim Road between the Waste Management and the north end of Hunters Road.
The county GIS department has acquired and installed equipment that has been placed at Well #3 to continuously monitor quality of the water in the well.  This is part of a county wide project to monitor many factors of drinking water sources and water levels.